How would you protect the public and keep prisoners in jail?

28 December 2017, 12:00AM

If you were the Commissioner of Prisons, what would you do to keep the prisoners securely locked in and the public safe from these ongoing prison breakouts? Nefertiti Matatia, found a very angry and vengeful public when she asked this question.

Fa’afo’i Ale 50, Tafitoala

In my opinion the first thing that needs to be done is to erect a proper fence around Tafa’igata for the reason that just by looking at how poor the fence is, they can easily climb over. There are no proper high gates where they would find it difficult to leave the compound. Not only that, but over the years some police officers have been associated with some of the prisoners by helping them get out and do their dirty work for them, which is why some of those police officers were terminated back then. Cases like that we should always have in our minds We might never know if the some of the police are helping them escape once again due to the results which we have seen with the same prisoner who continues to break out.


Se’e Faaifo 50, Faleasiu

I believe that with any prisoner we must always be cautious with the skills and the thoughts that they have in mind. They did not commit a crime by mistake or a coincidence. There is always a deliberate cause or a thought in mind which indicates destruction that led them down that path which is why I think it is best to lock up any prisoner for good. Never release them out on the holidays for the reason that I just place myself in the shoes of the victims that they have hurt. The person that they have ruined is not only a mother she is also a sister and a spouse of another man. They would feel a certain way which they would definitely not run into that person again anywhere on the face of this earth. Seeing them again doesn’t only bring back the memories of the past but also the pain they went through.


Vito Filisi 37, Lauli’i

We should without any doubt take it back to how Samoa was in the olden days. This is what I think we should do. Back in the days before the missionaries arrived and Jesus never existed within the hearts of the people, there was one village that would punish people by hitting their ankles. We should start doing that to the prisoners. They should get chained up at all times when they are out in the field working the land. Make sure that they are fully cuffed and that they will not be able to wonder off too far which will lead them to run away. The biggest question that we must ask ourselves is WHO IS NEXT? Who knows it could one of your relatives or your daughter or your wife> These are things we must always be mindful about.


Samuelu Toleafoa 47, Vaitele

In this life of sin, there is good but there is also evil. With our love for Christ and His word which is written in the gospel I feel that it is the time for us to change things. I feel that we are taking His grace for granted and all that He has done we forget the value of His love for us. I will be very honest and I would recommend that we should open up a new level of punishment such as death. Doing it more than once is not a mistake, it is deliberate Not only are we losing our people with these fearful experiences by escaped prisoners, but also our tourism. Some people never learn despite how long they get to spend their time in jail. They are released and forgiven by the law but they do it again. So why not put a stop to this nonsense and bring in the death penalty? 


Tupuivao Naoupu 67, Faleolo

So often we think that torturing the prisoners to create fear within them, is the way but it usually gets out of control. I think it is pointless beating them up. Teach them a lesson which would prevent them from ever causing another crime again. In my opinion they should be tied up, both hands and feet and drown them in the middle of Savaii and Upolu. Drowning them between Manono and Apolima is too shallow. It is those kinds of life lessons that not only teach them to not mess with the law, but also not to harm other citizens.


28 December 2017, 12:00AM

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