A family that works together stays together

Tuaiaiga Suavai, from the village of Levi, Sale’imoa, says everything is better and faster when working together.

Aged 58, Tuaiaiga was spotted in front of his house with the children of his family painting the rock wall and rebuilding the broken down Samoan fale (faleo’o).

He explains how valuable teamwork is, especially in this Christmas season.

“As you can see, my family is very busy right now painting our small rock wall and rebuilding our small faleo’o,” Tuaiaiga told the Village Voice.

“Many people come over to use this small faleo’o to relax in so fixing it will be a great way to end off this year. This is what working together looks like.

“Once we call out for help, all of the children of our family rush down to do some work. Just like today, I called them once and now they are all doing something to help out the family.”

Tuaiaiga says that this is the same with everything. If people were to work together in all that they do then the workload will lessen.

“For me personally, I believe that there is no greater way for a family to move forward than to work together,” he said.

“For my family, we are so used to coming together to clean up our family land. With so many people working at once, it makes everything go by very fast.

“This can be said about pretty much anything in this life, if we work together to achieve something then you will achieve it faster and even better than if you did it alone.”

Pointing around to the children, Tuaiaiga says that they will learn something valuable here and that lesson will be with them when they have their own families.

“Just look around, there is not one person just sitting around and not doing anything,” he said.

“I also see this as a small life lesson for the children of this family. When they get older they will already know the value of teamwork.

“They will use what they learn here and do the same with their own family. That’s how great this is for us; this is also my advice to all other families in Samoa.”

Tuaiaiga wishes to wish Samoa a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Years.

“Christmas is just around the corner so this is the time for families to come together and gear up for a great holiday,” he said.

“So Samoa, have a great Christmas and come together to make this holiday an even more special one for yourselves and those you love.”

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