Jesus Christ the way and the truth

Dear Editor,

Re: Of God, grace and Christianity 

What motivation is there for anyone to do any good then? 

If it’s up to God, as you say, then you’re implying some kind of “judgment”, right? And if so, on what criteria will he base such judgment? 

Or is he going to do the “eeny, meenie, miny, mo” thing? 

God is a God of JUSTICE, he has to have some system whereby justice is administered. 

And we need to know and understand such a system for God to BE God and be fair. The last time I checked, Christ was STILL the Way, the Life and the Light and the only name under the heavens by which you/I can be saved. Anyway, seems like I’m “casting pearls to swine”. 


LV Letalu

Lalomanu and Utah

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