Saying thank you is not enough

Dear Editor,


The egregious epidemic diseases outbreak in Samoa that are claiming victims had both started in November 2017.

The dengue fever is certainly taking many innocent lives so far while Samoa Airways of course, are the worst kept secret of illnesses.

The bloodline of the Samoa economy would start to falter to make it becoming weaker as Samoa Airways loading is getting depleted and may have ended up to an unsustainable level to pay the bills.

Dengue fever sufferings that the local media had reported the health officials to have claimed human fatalities that had doomed to death.

Then of course before my very own eyes, a painful sufferings of young and old who were left lying on the national hospital emergency corridors at Moto’otua nights after nights that I had visited.

No slightest doubt that China and the Samoa government have done a great development effort to build many new buildings at Moto’otua to lift the health status for our country.

But of course have failed miserably to provide the Emergency staff with surgical tools to perform their duties to the standard to match the flash high-rises and shiny floor tiles.

I had watched with my deepest regret a hard working doctor using a latex glove to wrap around the patient’s forearm to build up pressure while trying to locate a blood vein.

Nevertheless, the talents, professionalism, and attitudes of the Emergency doctors and nurses would surely deserve a mention to compliment the hard work they had shown night in night out to serve Samoa.

Remember that screaming 16-year-old kid with a muscle spasm as symptom of dengue fever from Queensland, Asomualemalama Tofaeono?

He has safely arrived back in Queensland cutting short his Samoa experience holiday.

Saying thank you is not enough to express how much I appreciate your hard, happy, and friendly service; not only to my son but for the rest of Samoa who rely on your services.

I would appropriately chant what Asomualemalama had responded to Tuamasaga: Ua malie! Malie! Malie o!

‘Auä ua malie le papa i Ta’u ua malie le papa i Galagala ua malie male lautua le faga i Lalau, a ua atue le faga i Foa.

O lea ua malie le pa le so’o male ulu logo logo a ua se togi le seu lagatila.

Ua tatala le pati ua sua le fata loto ua sua le aulapa uta ua o’o o’o le aulapatai. Ua titi manu ua lava manu ua fata luga ua fata lalo.

Mãlo fai ole faiva ia ligi ifo ele Atua o manū fa’amanuiaga o tomai e fa’a’au’upegaina ai loutou silafia ‘auā outou tiute mole tautuaina o Samoa.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Hollywood 

Springfield, Queensland, Australia 

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