This has to stop now

Dear Editor,

That’s right. Malele Faipopo King of the Humid Air, go and bring your witnesses. Time for these social media stars to put up or shut up. 

Every clown in Australia and New Zealand seems to believe all these social media stars without any proof whatsoever, so now is a rare opportunity for these people to really back up what they are saying. 

If they can bring their evidence before a judge, then all well and good. If not, well then it will be a teaching moment for all those fools overseas and in Samoa to not believe everything you see online.

People ask why is it important to teach this guy a lesson.

It is important because we now have clowns like Pauga whatever his name is in Brisbane who, having being radicalised online after years of reading all sorts of stuff online and on social media, has decided to take that extra step and physically attack the PM in person (although it was all fairly harmless overall). 

In years to come, some other fool, enraged by what he has seen online and with all the outrage of the Gods, will feel like they are justified to go and get a gun.

This is how those Muslim terrorists started. They were all radicalised online by hate preachers and propaganda videos and blogs. 

Then, all rationality went out the window, all brains went out the window, and they go and get knives and attack people in the street. Or they go fly to Syria to fight for “good” against “evil”. The same mental process is at play with this Pauga fool and his self-righteous “crusade” against the PM. He clearly feels he is in the fight for “good” against “evil” for “my people”.

The point is Pauga today, but who tomorrow? It will be an even crazier person. This has to stop now.


P.S. Jeffrey 

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