Why child labour exists in Samoa

Dear Editor

I have remained tight lipped over these child labour reports (as reported in the Samoa Observer) of at least a years worth in the hope, that Stui and his cronies would have this child vendoring outlawed, and families given support to make ends meet.

It is now April 19th in New Zealand and having just read an appallingly dangerous, but sad account of a good parent saving someone else’s child from being another statistic in paradise!

The Stui run H.R.P.P. Government appears to simply confirm to us on the outside looking in, that spending money for the sake of a short term ‘knee jerk reaction’ from concerned parties in Samoa and outside is their plan of attack!

That is, when there is a lot of concern over a certain issue, like child poverty. The H.R.P.P. are quick to bring in consultants to write up remarkable and plausible reports to appease the concerned. 

However, it appears from this article, that nothing to date has been implemented from that report? Let’s digress and think of the O.P.C. audits? These have not been available for the last 10 years or more! Okay, how does one think a report on child poverty and any action plans will prevail from Stui and his priorities? That’s right zilch, nil, nothing and talk to my hand responses.

The fact, that the H.R.P.P. have sugar coated any societal ills and public angst (e.g heinous L.T.R.A. 2008 law) within Samoa by always referring doubters that Samoa is a Christian state foremost, and all actions taken by the H.R.P.P. are aligned to ‘God’s will’. GTFOOH, and it isn’t an acronym for Goofy either!

The devil is in the details as any recovering atheist would suggest to Stui! That is, why does Stui and his government always conveniently position and condition local Samoans into believing that Samoa was built upon Christian beliefs, and one that one important belief is to never doubt your leaders! That is, ‘in God we trust’ and the H.R.P.P. are doing God’s work!

Why are Aiga’s being broken up by capitalistic ideologies and left to fend for themselves without the helping hand from the almighty Government ruler Stui and his government? 

We now have poverty at it’s highest, unemployment for the youths not getting any better, high cost of living and poor health services a reality in Samoa! 

But, what has happened to Stui’s policy of Samoa being the ‘ Christian State!’ I don’t see nor read of the Government reaching out to those impoverished and teaching them how to ‘fish and not just eat for today?’ 

Why does it take the Government too long to take initiative’s to help stop these child vendors and prostitution getting out of hand in Samoa after all the reports have been furnished? 

The old adage that it takes a village to bring up a child is now hypocritical in Samoa as witnessed within this article! That is, children and families are left to their own devices to survive the best way they can and ‘Survivor Samoa, is now a permanent show starring... a lot of the locals!’

Finally, in today’s Samoan society we are seeing less people ‘living and respecting’ the old, young and vulnerable! Why? Because the people in these leadership roles with their Fiapoko stance now believe, that ‘capitalism (even leasing customary land and making them freehold) prevails over Christianity values in modern Samoa. 

With ‘money all things are possible, as opposed to God, should be Stui’s new motto! Interestingly the Pastors in Samoa are getting taxed for the work of God, and by a Government who condone wrong doing, lack of transparency and accountability!

If this Government of Stui’s needs a proverbial boot up the backside to ignite action! Then let this article of a near miss death of an innocent child; be his template to making things happen in Samoa in the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


Iona Tusa

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