No Parking

Think a minute…On this journey called life, do you sometimes feel like just pulling over and parking?  You feel like you’ve done enough, worked enough, and learned enough.  Now it’s time to relax, let the others do the work, and enjoy the ride. 

But the problem when we pull over and park is that we get nowhere, since we stop learning and improving to make our life the best it can be.  So we don’t reach our potential and live every day to the fullest.  

One parking place we might stop at is what we wrongly think are our handicaps and weaknesses.  We compare ourselves to others who might have certain talents and abilities we don’t have. But we need to realize that we have our own special strengths and abilities. 

We each must first learn to accept ourselves with our own unique physical looks, personality and abilities.  No one is completely handicapped!  We each have something important we can be and do in this world. We each were made to make a difference and help other people’s lives. 

So friend, don’t park by what you think are your handicaps or lack of talents and abilities.  Start making the most of the abilities you do have.

A second parking place that many of us stop at is our failures.  But we’ve all failed!  So if you’ve failed join the club!  Just learn from it and try again.  It’s not how you start but how you finish that makes you a real success.  So it’s never too late to get back on the road toward your dreams and goals in life.  Time is running out, so you might as well get moving toward the kind of character and life you want.

The third place many people park is by their successes. 

Just because we’ve achieved a little success in life some of us choose to stop. We stop trying, learning, and improving because we’re satisfied with only a little success.  But if what you’ve done isn’t your very best, then you’ll never know that you did everything you could in life. Then you’ll have to live with that terrible regret!

Think a Minute …


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