The benefits of the Tui Samoa Cable

Dear Editor,

I commend the Government on the Tui Samoa Cable and for pushing through the increased internet capacity for Samoa, it is much needed and has the potential to open up Samoan internet facilities to first world class.

However, we are at the behest of a small group of private companies that will be direct customers of the cable and downstream providers.

They are all commercial operations that have to invest and commit to spend more in the future, so they will be reluctant to suddenly cut their revenues by dropping the retail price of data. 

What I think will happen is they want us to keep spending the same amount but give us more gigabytes to use.

Nothing wrong with that, but please get rid of the restrictive limitations on data expiring. 

Spending $20 and being forced to use the data in a week or lose it, makes for a very expensive internet experience. 

The data bonuses may feel good, but they are a precursor to using more data and just makes it easier for the data you purchased to expire.  If I buy 1.5GB and they give me another 3GB bonus to be used on that day, why not give me the 3GB of data to use over a 14 or 30 day period for say $30?

Come on I.S.Ps, connect up and turn of the promised retail benefits, if done properly you will maintain your profitability and us customers will reap some benefits, justifying the Samoan governments significant investment.


S. Palagi

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