Mindful and meditation retreat

Being mindful and taking time to meditate is a good way to live and truly appreciate life at any given moment.

It is a practice that has been around since ancient times and one that founder of Mindful Works, Dr. Sharn Rocco, hopes to help others who need to reconnect with that ability. 

In collaboration with Sinalei Reef Resort, Dr. Rocco will be facilitating a meditation and mindfulness retreat for those who are keen to escape the chaos of life’s rat race and find some reprieve in returning to stillness.

 “There are so many distractions, so many competing desires, so many things calling for our attention, wanting us to love it, hate it, buy it, replace it,” said Dr. Rocco. 

 “Whatever it is, it’s not now. The only time we have to live and to truly appreciate life and to learn how to be the best person we can be in any given moment, is now. 

 “Instead, we spend our time lost in thoughts of the past or future, lamenting, regretting, remembering, wishing, wanting, worrying or daydreaming. This causes us to suffer while the beauty, the opportunities for happiness and the lessons of life right now, pass us by.”

Against the backdrop of the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Sinalei Resort, the retreat will be a chance for people to mentally reset and recharge.

 “Changing habits, letting go of habits that no longer serve us well and making new habits that nourish wellbeing and supporting us to love the life we live, takes time,” she said. 

 “People who attend the retreat can expect to leave feeling refreshed and inspired to bring mindfulness to daily life, to be kinder to themselves and others.”

The benefits of meditation and acquiring habits of mindfulness are many and varied. 

According to Dr. Sharn, they include boosting immune function, pain management, stress reduction and improving concentration, problem-solving, self-awareness, emotion regulation and relationships.

 “Given the research indicating these and other benefits as well as opportunities to meet and learn from some of the great meditation masters of our time, in 2004, I committed to a daily personal meditation practice and have been learning, practicing and teaching ever since. 

 “I specialise in helping people love the life they live by learning and practicing mindfulness in daily life has grown out of a lifelong commitment to personal growth and being of service to others.”

The wellness Guru resides in Australia but has taught these courses in Europe, America and Indonesia, but this is her first visit to Samoa after being encouraged by her brother Greg Hopping of Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa. 

 “It is my love for my brother, Greg Hopping of Troppo Fishing Adventures Samoa that brought me here. It’s good to be spending time with him, having some laughs and giving him some mindful movement strategies for managing the mobility challenges and pain he experiences from old injuries and embodied habits.”

Dr. Sharn fully appreciates the tranquil surroundings of Sinalei Reef Resort and would love to make the retreat an annual event. 

 “I’m so grateful that Greg encouraged me to offer a retreat while in Samoa, suggested that Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa would be an ideal location and introduced me to Joe Annandale.  

 “Samoa is an ideal place for retreat and for practicing mindfulness every day. The team at Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa are looking to make this first mindfulness retreat an annual event. 

 “Finding the right venue for a retreat is not easy. It’s important that people feel they have left behind the usual cares and demands of daily life behind. “Being surrounded by the beauty of nature, nourished by thoughtfully prepared food and supported by comfortable accommodation and respectful, attentive staff help make retreat a magical, transformative experience.”

The Mindfulness Retreat will take place on April 20th – 22nd. The programme includes instructions on the four foundations of mindfulness, the postures of meditation, eating mindfully and mindful speaking and listening.

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