When people are hungry with no money

Dear Editor

Re: Desperate parents and White Sunday 


We often hear the phrase, “Ua taugata le soifuaga.” 

How does inflation affect a country? 

When the price of goods and services goes up, the worth of your money goes down in value because stagnation of pay does not match up with the cost of living. 

The disparity between the two dichotomies is unsustainable to meet the demand of the poor people who rely on money to finance their day-to-day operations. The minimum pay of $2.50 is a slap on the face to the majority of the people by a country that supposedly outgrew itself from an under developed status to a developing status. 

The only people that aren’t affected by the monstrosity of this evil beast called inflation are the politicians and C.E.O’s who makes 50 or a 100 times more their salaries compared to the average person in Samoa. 

This huge gap that has created from this disproportionate of equity is problematic to the security of Samoa going forward as a Tourist destination. 

In any civil society that have this problem, things get worse as time progresses. When people are hungry and can’t pay their bills, they will resort to stealing and selling drugs to make ends meet. 

I’m not advocating this to happen but the law of cause and effect as been proven by nature for many generations ago will once again be fulfilled. 

Who sits at the helm that controls the “unplugging” and the “plugging” of the lever to tighten and easing of monetary policy? 

The Grand Master of the Federal Reserve and her co-host the I.M.F, World Bank, A.D.B. Samoa, go back to the old way of subsistence farming. You will find peace of mind and you can get closer to your real god of nature and yourself. 

Not the god of fake money that the moneychangers brought with them when they arrived at our shores.

Leituala Roger B.

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