The very best

Think a minute…What’s the difference between the best and second best? Between average and excellent? The difference between a good sports team and a great one? It’s the hard work, training and discipline. You can only get out of something what you put into it. “The enemy of the best is second best.”

Successful people sweat the small stuff and work hard at the details. That’s what makes them successful. But many of us just can’t be bothered to do our very best work. We look for shortcuts and the easier way to do things. Our problem is we just want to “get by” with work that is acceptable, but not work that is our very best.

There’s a story about a builder who went on a trip overseas, so he put his manager in charge of building a new house. He told his manager to use only the best materials and not to take any shortcuts to save money or time. The boss wanted this new house to be excellent and the very best. After the boss left, however, his manager did not follow those instructions.

Instead he cheated and kept his boss’ money for himself. He used the cheapest, junk building materials. He did everything the cheap, easy way, thinking his boss would never know. After his boss returned and saw the new house, he told his manager:  “Only you and your family deserve to live in this beautiful house. I’m giving this house to you! It’s your new home!”

So how about you? Are you doing your very best in life? At your job? At home? At school? Are you working hard to be the best father and husband you can be? Are you trying to be the best mother and wife you can be? Remember, God gave us His very best:  His one and only Son, Jesus Christ.

So He hopes that we will give back to Him our very best—not just our second best. Does he deserve anything less? After all, He created you to enjoy His very best. So why not ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for not living the way you know you should. Then ask Him to take charge of your character and give you His help. Then you can start disciplining yourself to always be your best, and never again have to settle for second best. Just Think a Minute…

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