Please don’t make me laugh

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. accuses lawyers 

“If you continue to lie, lie, lie to the public on Facebook, eventually people will believe it,” Tuilaepa said. “Even one who is well educated will fall for these lies.”

I think you would be the person who should know this best.

Tuilaepa said he believes he knows who is behind the blogs and posts.

 “That is what they are doing, they are lying,” he said. “Yet they are well educated and they are lawyers, I know all of them.”

 “It will not end well if they are caught.

If you do know all of them, what does this mean, “if they are caught”?

 “What I am worried about is their safety. We all have families, including those who are off in the head and they are the ones who are after these people who continue to defame us.”

How would you know this Mr. P.M? Do you have a hand in this, or just using those scare tactics that people are so fed up and are embolden without fear? I don’t think this works anymore.

“Tuilaepa also pointed to the book “Mein Kampf” written by Nazi Party leader, Adolf Hitler, which Tuilaepa says it indicates “when you put effort in lying to someone, you continuously lie until they believe the lies. That is the psychology behind this whole thing”.

Well, you probably know more and have more experience about this philosophy than anybody else

“Tuilaepa also said good governance, transparency and accountability were essential tools in any democracy.”

“It’s a principle his Government adheres to.”

Now, please don’t make me laugh and certainly don’t make me throw up. Please.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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