What a wise man would do

Dear Editor

Re: Olo on Faleolo Airport and Peseta’s response 

If you ask our navigator forefathers about this Ti’avea madness; they would laugh and laugh and laugh and then say; the son of Lepa and his friends have no knowledge about wind shifts, wind shear, wind dips, wind bending even wind tunneling as the terrain is mountainous.

And with an added elevated altitude to where convection, condensation etc... takes place… this is is a recipe for disaster. 

Took these navigator geniuses centuries to master the ocean currents, winds, seasons, the stars and so gave them names as well, so to make sure they never miss a turn or any destinations.

They would want to tell this mad man with a whirlwind mind and his followers to listen, observe, adjust and then adapt to the environment they are in; as everywhere and anywhere else is a lesson to be learnt and that makes a person wise, not smart.

As a wise man, understands and then moves accordingly.

But a smart Alec man thinks he knows it and then jumps blindly. 

I strongly advise you PM.... Seek more consultations from those people who are specialised in such a field, as building an Airport is not 1, 2, 3. ..

“Peoples lives must never be in jeopardy.”

By the way, just a reminder .... Spear Airways....(cloudy skies, winds, mount Fito)

“We do not want another repeat lost of lives. Spend that money in building lives ie Hospitals etc instead of.

Still on this airport, the explanation by Peseta is laughable.

It seems to me that these ministers do not understand what the phrase “Conflict of interest” means or stands for. 

Looking at the response by the Minister of Revenue the other day in regards to his associate Ministers and is wife working together was beyond a joke.

Now this MP and his response too is basically thinking literally to the word. 

But either selectively playing dumb fools or nil savvy, the P.M. should pass a law like other countries. 

But then, he too is playing along like most of them heads of government.

This fella only owns 50% shares… that’s all and so he said...while the other half is shared amongst others, which makes him the main shareholder and owner of the business. 

What is recorded on papers count, Peseta! 

Question is: When he had the Nonu issue, he seemed to know a lot about shareholdings and ownerships and Conflict of interest as that was the case.

Sole! Fai fuafua ea! E le o ni vale tagata uma.

Just my thoughts. Good day Samoa.



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