Cost of living too expensive

By Ulimasao Fata 02 October 2017, 12:00AM

The cost of living is too high. 

That is the frustration shared by Fale Titiuaini who is a father from the village of Faleasi’u.

The Village Voice caught up with Fale Titiuaini yesterday.

Fale has a steady water supply and electricity at his residence. 

The one issue he is not happy about is the cost of living.

“The costs are sky rocketing,” he said. 

“All our daily necessities are expensive, like toiletries, packet of rice, sugar and flour etc.

“Even with vegetables, the farmers have increased their prices, because they have to and it doesn’t end here. 

“Even the government’s fees are increasing… it just doesn’t make any sense.”

The hard life in Samoa has forced Fale to send his children overseas for more employment opportunities. 

 “Only one child is living with me and my wife. The rest are working in New Zealand and they help out with our family,” said Fale. 

“I have pushed my kids to go overseas because I know there are lots of opportunities there for them, and I know that if they succeed they can help us.” 

However, Fale does not depend solely on his children for remittances.

He has a plantation.  

“I always come to the plantation every day, either for my family’s food or to get coconuts to feed pigs,” he said. 

“I work at my plantation as I don’t want my family to depend on my kids overseas to send us money for every single obligation we have.”

By Ulimasao Fata 02 October 2017, 12:00AM
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