Link between money, religion and government

Dear Editor,

I’m flabbergasted when I went to see with my own eyes what these government officials are being paid and the information about our receipts and payments. 

It validates what I’ve been saying all along. 

Not only that we’ve been on life support with our budget from foreign aid, we are totally funded our whole operations from foreign aid.

The total budget support for 2016-2017 is 242,000,000. We are owned by the outside investors period. 

I am sick to my gut of how preposterous these people that sold out our country to these banks.

Not only that but the disproportionate of salaries that the top tier administrative positions make way more money for doing nothing while the people of Samoa are suffering from poverty.

How can you justify that in equitable terms? It’s unthinkable! It’s the same social structure that we’ve seen in any Corporate settings. 

The C.E.O gets 100 times the amount the regular worker gets and the workers do all the work. 

That’s the same corporate structure that Samoa is following, because Samoa is a Corporation, run and operated by a de-facto govt. (puppets) Samoa, e asa le faiva, ae le asa le masalo. 

We are in deep ***t!!! kalofae, who are we going to turn to for help? Don’t tell me it’s Jesus because Jesus has nothing to do with this.

It’s your ignorance Samoa that lead us to this fiasco. No one ever questions anything the govt. is doing. How can you justify such highway robbery like this when you are living there? 

You trusted the govt. so much that you voted them in again in the last election not knowing that you handed them the last nail to seal your coffin. 

You think you’re living in a reality but that reality is only an illusion. 

You are in a bad dream that when you finally wake up you will realize that you are no longer a free people.

You are doomed Samoa just like every other nation taken over by these bloodless souls. 

The indigenous people have been stripped from their land all over the world because you accept the false doctrines that these people came over in 1830 and gave us their piecemeal (corporate) religion to pacify us. 

We forgot who the real God is. 

We forgot how to navigate using the stars and we forgot how to use our herbal remedies that heal our bodies we don’t have indigenous wisdom keepers any more the list goes on and on because these people says it’s of the devil. 

Yes go ahead and chastise me but I will speak the truth because you are so afraid of the truth that it might implicate something that is very dear to you because you’ve been indoctrinated too long that you gave religion a free pass and never been fully vetted and to know where these concepts and ideas came from. 

Now what is the recourse of all this? 

We are about to be taken over by these banks. 

These are the same people that gave us our religion our fiat money and our corrupt govt. are the same ones that literally stole our land from us. 

Sorry if I’m too hard on you my dear people but I’m only interested in truth nothing more then the truth. 

I’ve only been researching the relationship between money religion and govt. for the last five years and I must say I have covered all the basis to justify my argument today. 

With love and peace to you all.

Leituala Roger B

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