What on earth is happening to Samoa?

Dear Editor,

Re: Tuilaepa’s government was clearly warned about those “rubbish” vehicles

The government obviously was very short sighted in the whole process. 

I am referring here to...the consequences (of an aged vehicle)....where to dump/dispose all the wastage. The parts, metal of all sorts, the lead, carbon wastage and rubber to name a few. 

Did the thought of promoting a metal recycling (among others) industry ever enter the brilliant minds of this ‘one party state’ through the whole process? I think not.

As for the half-day holiday for the public servants only, what an absolute joke and a corrupt practice. 

I voiced my frustrations and anger on Social media. We, in the private sector on average pay a lot more taxes. This is what my taxes are for? 

What the heck is happening in this country? 

With all due respect to our Champion Joseph Parker, the processions of the carry-on crated traffic havoc along the main roads (not that there’s many) with incompetent points-men (leoleo) adding to the mess by not reading the flow of traffic and blocking turn offs and traffic lights? 

Anyone ever thought of the private sector going about their work whilst the public sector is contributing to the chaos in the half day holiday? 

Add to that the idiot taxi drivers that crawl around at snail’s pace looking for passengers? 

Did anyone ever think about holding it say....Apia Park or Tuana’imato so the flow of traffic is diverted away from the main business area of town? 

Poor private sector workers.

Oki akoa le mea. I have made a lot of sacrifices to come back as a senior professional and help my country of birth. 

I have been here for just over a year now....the longer I stay the more angry I become. 

I see a lot of corrupt practices from government, mediocre customer services across all the industry sectors, incompetent drivers on the roads and their ignorance of the road rules and road code, etc. 

Speaking of drivers/cars, does L.T.A ever do proper testing/adjusting of vehicle headlights during the certification process? 

I have mistakenly flicked my lights on high beam at night, thinking that the approaching car has headlights on high beam....wrong. 

No two cars have the headlights set the same, unlike NZ and Australia where I am used to driving.

 Speaking of car lights, what is the law with regards to when you should turn on your lights? In NZ for example, the law is that you must turn on your lights (parking) at dusk, and the headlights obviously when it gets too dark. 

Oh no, here in Samunda - I see so many cars driving around in the dark either with only parking lights or none at all. 

I asked one driver that pulled in at the same shop that I had also just stopped at.

His answer? “Ge’i ke’i ua uma le ma’a o la’u ka’avale”...”....so my battery doesn’t go flat..” 

I said to him.... “Have you ever heard of an alternator regulator?”

Suffice to say, I gave him a 101 on safety and the various functions and the mechanics of a car. I am no mechanic by the way, but I have half a brain.

Phew....wish I have the time. The list of frustrations is never-ending.

After all that, who cares about my opinion anyway?

Maguia le alo atu mo le Kerisimasi!



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