Seeking a better direction for Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Chamber behind Govt. on minimum wage 

What an absolutely stupid approach to moving the economy forward fairly, by asking business if they think the minimum wage should go up. 

You may as well not bother. 

You know which country operates on the ideas that business knows better than government, or the people, how things should progress, the U.S. 

The U.S. has private for profit education, private for profit healthcare, private for profit prisons, and Trump is withdrawing troops because he has plans to turn the military into a private for profit organization run by his friend and advisor Erik Prince of Blackwater. 

Under this system where business has all the say, people suffer while some get very rich. 

Is this the country that Samoa wants to look like? 

I think the leaders of Samoa should take another look at what a country actually looks like when you remove the ability of the people to decide how a nation should move forward morally when you let the wolves completely run the hen house. 

Instead of asking if business can afford a higher minimum wage how about ask the people if they can live without a higher minimum wage. 

This is a how you better run a just society. Time for a new government who will represent the people. 

Go S.F.P.P. The direction of the H.R.P.P. is lacking morals and ethics jut like all the U.S. leaders since Reagan, and including Reagan, except for Jimmy Carter.




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