Global developments, China and Trump

Dear Editor,

Re: China, U.S. and Trump

I've been longing to hear from you my friend on your take on this issue.

First and foremost, it seems like you like to use vocabulary that the fake media like to use to control the minds of the those that believe in everything they pumped up like, Xenophobia and using racist comments about this president to undermined their total disregard of the truth about the greatest scandal ever in the history of the US they are not reporting about corruption in the highest level in govt.

including both parties and other govt. agencies including the FBI, DOJ etc. 

And yet nothing was ever found to charge this president with. So if you like to play favorites and look the other way instead of being honest to yourself and take responsibility to look at the facts to find the truth, then you are lying to yourself. Similar to that of our own beloved country that is about to take over by China and yet, you are still in denial of it.

Secondly, the argument about China and the US trade war. I stand on my previous argument that China's economy is highly dependent on the US trade imbalance for their economy to survive. 

Here's why; Their exports to the US is worth 505.6 billion a year where as the exports of the US to China is 130 billion a year, do the math and see how the trade imbalance is, a huge disparity and as you know that so long as the US currency is the main trading currency of the world linked to the petrodollar, the US will still be in control of the world's currency. 

China almost got away with murder until this President stepped in and called on China to have a fair trading deal. You know that China is sitting on the biggest bubble ever that their economy is almost 300% of GDP which I think they are very vulnerable to any economic shock that might disrupt their unsustainable economic growth and the mother of all destruction that "still" holds the economy of the world intact is the mighty DOLLAR. 

You see all over China that they have these empty cities that no one lives in them is a clear indication that they are using the Keynesian economic model to leverage out with the intention that their local consumption will eventually fill that void which I think will take 10 more years or more to transform their economy to a homegrown consumer driven economy, but as for now, they are way off that mark. 

And for President Trump to instigate this trade war now is a smart move to counter China and to force China to stop stealing American Intellectual property and to pay their fair share of the trade imbalance. 

The sad part is, the main suspect as usual are the International Central Banks with their corporations that are manipulating this to their own advantage. And using China as a scapegoat while they hide behind the scene. 

That's why every corrupt govt. officials in both parties and the media in the US are demonizing Pres. Trump because they've been compromised and paid for and he was not supposed to be president but the masses of the American people were well aware of the corruption in govt. that they came in droves to vote Trump in. And if there is a good time for Pres. Trump to counter the Chinese is now because the US economy is growing in leaps and bounds that has never ever seen in decades before. 

Every 1% of GDP is worth 3.5 trillion dollars which equates to 10 million jobs, and before Trump came in, the US economy has an anemic growth of 1.5% if we're lucky. Now the economy is expecting to grow 5% which is astronomical.


Leituala Roger B.

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