Members of the public react to Live Bingo

15 September 2017, 12:00AM

TV Bingo, or as some prefer to call it, Live Bingo, is coming soon to Samoa. The initiative has been designed to address the issue of domestic violence. How does it work? It will be like a normal Bingo game except people will ring a number when they think they have won. What do you think? Do you support it? Wouldn’t this encourage the mentality of gambling among members of the public? Reporters Aruna Lolani and Talimalie Uta asked people in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Sara Nisi, 31, 

Leauva’a and Faleula

I’m not really a fan of Bingo but I support the Live Bingo implemented by So’oula. It is true that it’s promoting gambling for our people but to avoid going around places to look for the Bingo; this is a good step forward as it allows women to play from home and be with their families instead of spending the whole night being away from their families.


Situe Ainoa, 

58, Tuana’i

I have to say that Live Bingo will definitely encourage a lot of people especially our women to gamble. Now despite the fact that my religious belief doesn’t allow my family to do any kind of gambling I still support this idea on behalf of all the women in Samoa because it’s what they love to do. I don’t gamble and my wife doesn’t but being a resident of this village; I can say that I’m also a witness about how women like this game. We have to support it because after a long day at home with their husbands and kids; they also deserve to have some time to have fun and they deserve to have what makes them happy even if it’s just playing bingo from home. So whether TV Bingo is promoting gambling for all people; I still fully support it because women deserve to be happy as much as men when they go about to do what makes them happy.


Honolani Sosefina Matamu, 

23, Moata’a

I support the idea. I mean I have aunties and families who are addicted to playing bingo and when they’re gone from home, they’re usually out all night so I guess that’s why I support this TV Bingo because it saves time and stops women from going to different places just to play Bingo. But also, I have to disagree because it will consume a lot of money.


Fa’alafi Lilomaiava, 56,

Safune Savai’i

Whether it’s Bingo, Live Bingo or whatever bingo, it’s still gambling and I dislike the act of gambling. 

TV Bingo is not for Samoa, this is only for overseas countries because they have more money and I know most of them earn about $700 - $800 a week and that’s the kind of money Samoan people don’t always have. You know; a good example of this can be Samoan families always have big to’ana’i on Sundays but I think once people become addicted to this TV Bingo; I guarantee you that the only to’ana’i that most families will have is a fa’alifu taro. These kinds of things can also lead to disputes between couples because one will hate another for spending and wasting too much money on Bingo. Another thing to add on is that people will eventually steal from each other’s bags just to get money to play. It’s no good. Live Bingo is for overseas countries. I mean I prefer to have our people; our women to still play the bingo the way they are playing now because you get to spend five dollars for a pakeki because who knows how much money we will lose over TV Bingo right?


Sefo Afele, 

33, Levi Saleimoa

No doubt it will encourage people to gamble but I support this Live Bingo programme because my wife is a number one fan of BINGO, and as a husband I know the feeling of waiting all night for her to come home. Therefore it’s a good plan because she will play right in front of my eyes.


Taupā’u Semo Leota, 

30, Tuana’i

TV Bingo? Oh no I don’t support this in Samoa simply because it costs a lot of money. I mean they can say that it’s free this and free that but I know it costs money because everything in this life requires payment. So if women are going to spend a lot of money on buying books (pepa pakeki) then what money would we have left to buy food for our kids? And I know once they play, they won’t be able to stop so we will be losing money every single day. For me, if something costs a lot of money and yet has no use to my family, to this community then there’s absolutely no need for me to support this kind of initiative for the people of Samoa.


15 September 2017, 12:00AM

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