Exercise caution with Polynesian venture

Dear Editor,


I write in response to Bruin’s letter titled “Good move Samoa” in your paper yesterday. In the letter, Bruin writes: “Don’t expect fruition in the beginning but trust and support is the only contribution that is needed from you.” 

This is exactly my point, do you know how many years of government support and how much investment is needed before the ‘dream can be realised’? Polynesian was never a money-making venture for Samoa. It cost the country a lot of money to get it operational before it went belly up. 

This is a very competitive industry and you will have to invest a lot of money in marketing as well to entice customers from well-established carriers like Air New Zealand and Air Pacific. 

It is all based on ‘supply and demand’ and if you don’t get a full flight from locations such as Los Angeles, then I don’t think it is worth the effort.

 I’m no pessimist but we have to be realistic about Poly’s chances of getting a return on our investments. 

Isn’t that the reason why we go in business? 

My argument anyways was about giving valuable funds to where it’s needed most such as education, health and Tourism. We can’t just say that Poly will bring tourists and money because that’s happening already and it is highly unlikely that Poly will increase the number of tourists coming to Samoa. 

If the dream is to create jobs by resurrecting Poly, then it becomes meaningless if the government will have to fund this venture for a long time because it will not bring anything back to offset money being taken out of the economy. 

That’s my opinion and I have every right to say it.


Le Mafa P

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