When the music chair stops

Thanks Editor in Chief for having balanced media reporting from Samoa. It’s a joy to read. This is nothing compared to the U.S.A where the media outlet is owned either by the Democrats or the Republicans.

Please don’t cave in to the pressure from any politician to report other wise. An independent media is crucial for disseminating proper information to the public. People of Samoa needs to know the truth as it is the only way that can set us free.

No wonder why some of the greatest Philosophers of all times like Hypatia said “Reserve yourself to think, for even if you think wrongly is better then not to think at all”.

Another one was Socrates, he was sentenced to death by the establishment accusing him of corrupting the youth, but he was teaching the youth to use critical thinking and logic to examine the truth of all things. If the color that your looking at is blue, then it’s blue not black as some politician wants you to believe.

I can assure you that Samoa is following China’s business model of building investments and infrastructures with borrowed money to show that their economy is humming away and expanding their GDP growth year over year.

A very idealistic way of “kicking the can down the road”. Eventually they will have to pick up the can somewhere down the road. If that means our land and heavily taxed Samoans will be the by-product of those investments strategies, then these politicians should be held accountable with their poor vision of what Samoa should be. As the good old saying goes the “chickens will come home to roost”.

Look at China, for the last 20 years they’ve been building investments in infrastructures and cities that no one lives in it. Their GDP of 10% year over year was the idol of western countries like the US and Europe. They’re lucky if they get 3% a year. 

What has happened now? China’s economy is facing a “hard landing”, a phrase coined by an economist as falling from the peak of their fake economic expansion and laying flat on their behind from “living higher on the hog”.

It is the biggest bubble in any emerging economy of the world. Their stock market has plummeted more than 40%, their manufacturing has been slowed due to over capacity, commodity prices have fallen tremendously their currency has been devalued, as countries of the world are having currency wars, protecting their own economy from deflation.

Japan now has a negative interest rate that followed the likes of the EU, Switzerland and Sweden all these slowing down around the world economically should be a warning to Samoa.

China is now switching from an infrastructure and investment model to a more consumable driven economy which is why they are facing a tremendous pressure from investors pulling their money away from emerging markets to safe haven because they know China is not the growth engine anymore.

So what correlation am I making here? Samoa is doing the same thing. It looks good for a while but eventually the “music chair” will stop.

There are a lot of things happening around the world Samoa needs to look at to learn from. They should be tightening their belt, paying down debt and run a balanced budget. The government is bloated with too much layer of too many chiefs but no Indians in a lot of unnecessary agencies. Samoa is like a one big Corporation run by a C.E.O rather then government officials.

 Samoa, tatou seu le manu ae taga’i ile galu.

 The law of cause and effect.

“Ele falala fua le niu, e falala ona ole matagi. E mana’o ile ufi ae fefe ile papa.”

These are duality that shakes the balance of life. If you lack them, you’re missing the true life lessons of the God within. Our intuition, le moe manatunatu, Ia manuia le mamalu osi o tatou atunu’u pele o Samoa,



Leituala R.B.

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