Private lives their business

Dear Editor,

Re: Just asking?

Who cares what they do with their personal lives as long as they are not misusing money that belongs to the people of Samoa to fund their personal lives. The call should be on transparency and accountability in their role as government officials and representatives of the people, not transparency and accountability in their marital lives. 

As long as they are not breaking any laws, that’s between them and their partners not the people of Samoa. 

What a waste of time and resources that would be, to say nothing of the major distraction that kind of gossip would be to whether or not they are misusing money that belong to the people of Samoa. 

I’m under the understanding that traditional monogamous marriages registered in law didn’t even exist in Samoa before the churches came anyway. 

I think my great grandfather-in -law had at least two families. One on one side of Upolu and one on the other side. Same-sex couples can be good government officials too.

 So if it works for them and they can honestly uphold their duties to the people who elected them, who cares about their private marital lives? 

Thank goodness they can’t be expelled from Parliament for this. If they could, then Samoa would be a theocracy and then the Samoan people would really be in trouble.


Wendy W

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