Alcohol abuse needs addressing

By Aruna Lolani 09 July 2017, 12:00AM

People are entitled to their own opinion on different matters.

And when it comes to the social challenges facing Samoan people nowadays, everyone has a different point of view.

 For 65-year-old Leiatua Tulia of Vailu’utai, he blames problems on the cheap cost of alcohol.    

 “In my village the main reason why we have problems with the youths is because of the alcohol,” he told the Village Voice.

“It’s true because this is what we see every day when youths are brought in front of the village meetings. 

“It’s either they got drunk and fought each other or they buy beers on I.O.U. and when it’s time to pay back, they don’t have any money to pay it. 

 “Youth nowadays when they get drunk they come on the main road and scream or swear,” he said.

“They think they become brave and men when they do this but little do they know people are calling them brainless because of their actions.

“Alcohol is one of the biggest causes of youth’s disputes and fights nowadays.

“If only there were just mature men, then I’m sure nothing like this would ever happen.

Leiatua said jail is the only solution to the problem if the village can’t do anything to stop this issue.

“If the village keeps punishing them and they don’t listen, then jail is the answer,” he said firmly.

“We can’t be responsible for their actions forever, they are grown men and they should be learning to look after themselves. 

“The other solution that I’ve been thinking of, is to raise the alcohol prices.

"I mean if we do that the youth would find it hard to buy it and they wouldn't be able to afford it. 

“This is why I want the government to take some action on addressing this problem.

Another thing that is worrying the elderly father is the number of crimes that have increased due to the aftermath of alcohol. 

“I’m alarmed by the growing number of violent assaults and deaths in Samoa,” he said. 

“For such a small country, this should certainly be of great concern to the leaders of this nation. 

“Hardly a week goes by without a violent assault or death reported because of alcoholic actions. 

“What is I see is that most of these deaths are directly related to alcohol abuse.  This is a serious issue that is taking a hold of Samoan society. 

“The government needs to take some action in addressing this problem.”

By Aruna Lolani 09 July 2017, 12:00AM
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