Young man blasts loafing youth

By Seia Soloi 24 February 2017, 12:00AM

Young people loafing around on the streets of Samoa can do themselves and their families a massive favour by finding a job.

Lu Lu of Vaitele knows it’s hard with the lack of jobs available but if you keep knocking the door will eventually open.

The 27-year-old from Vaitele-uta works for the Samoa Sports Facilities Authority (S.S.F.A) at Tuanaimato.

“I see these young people everywhere on the streets,” he said.

“They are roaming around and doing nothing but they have to help their family especially parents. They could channel that energy into finding a job.”

Lu said there are many potential employment opportunities out there. People just need to find it.

 “I love my job because I love working in an organization like this, to know different people and to explore new things in life,” he said.

He earns more than $200 a fortnight and he uses the money to help his family.

This amount is split into family faalavelave, village and church obligations as well as daily needs.

“Some days I take a day off to work at the plantation, instead of spending much money on buying food from the market.

“This is what other young people who don’t have a job can do. They can help their families with a plantation.”

As a young man, Lu believes what young people do today can influence their future.

 “I see the struggle that our parents go through today. 

“As young people, we should be motivated by the desire to help them and set up a brighter future for us.

“It’s sad to see some young teenagers finish school and then they stay home, not finding a job. They continue to depend on their parents even after their parents have done everything possible to raise them and school them.”

His final words?

“Stop wasting time,” he said to young people. “Find something worthwhile to do and contribute to the development of your family.”

By Seia Soloi 24 February 2017, 12:00AM
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