In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church

Dear Editor

Interesting to read of Tuu’u M.A.L.M.T.P.M.  and his Bahamian friend Max on his Column headed ‘Sex scandals and the Catholic Church’, Samoa Observer (SO) 02 July 2017 issue even though they seem to start their conversation by going at each other’s throat. 

Yet they later find their common ground to which I am certain of it to be The Church established by Christ Jesus with the blessings of His Loving Father. Where they later agreed to defend it at their best from their individual perspective for they are both devoted members regardless of their Political and Journalist background, respectively. 

Which leads me back my last sharing -In response to “We are living in a time of prophesy” 24 June 2017 SO issue, considering the much noise by mostly all ‘Protesting Christian (PC) sects’ claim that you need ‘no Church’ for salvation? Note I used the term ‘PC [Protesting Christian] sects’ while Tu’u’u and Max used the term ‘denominations’.  

And when I talk of Christ-ians I mean of all souls within Christ Jesus established Church while PC sects I meant of all those churches created by man due to one reason or another as division on Faith matters. 

Hope it is all these seen PROTESTING notion by these Protesting Christ-ian sects are done ‘unknowingly’! But how would they know if the National Council of Churches in Samoa-General Secretary is wasting his precious time on the ‘tax laws’ already passed through proper Parliamentary systems with the blessings of the 100% Matai Parliamentarian, (SO) 09 July 2017 issue.

I wonder whether Mr. General Secretary is humble enough -like our dear late Rev. Oka Fauolo, whom humbly refers to their reverend-hood group as ‘Taulelea matutua’ and respect the decision by Matai’s.

As with the word ‘Religion’ as per our United Nations adopted Constitution discussed on the same issue I believe the idea of Peace was at its priority -mind you the United Nations idea had born out of World War II.

So as long as an association or an institution formed is scene Peaceful (a classic example ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘farmers’ etc. association) they are all entitle to the description - Religion.

Going back to Christ Jesus established Church, mind you the Holy Bible accounts of it as of God the Father’s [First Personification of God] wish for His Son Christ Jesus –God the Son, [Second Personification of God] to establish one while on Earth.

And Christ Jesus had willingly ended his worldly life defending it, right? So again that other ‘silly call by our PC sects brethren namely Sola-Scripture would be unfounded. Simply because the Holy Bible accounts of such Church notion, instead of the other way around, don’t you agree?

Such Church is marked by Four WORDS [Marks], expressed in the Nicene Creed of the First Council of Constantinople in 381AD up to now by all Christians (both Genuine, Protestant and all others fall in between) as; 1. ONE, -for it belongs to the ONE God, 2. HOLY –for the One God it belongs is Holy of Holy, 3. CATHOLIC –for it covers the universe and 4. APOSTOLIC –as its teaching initiates from that of Christ Jesus left upon his Apostles together with all souls whom religiously follow suite.

So in simple words it would be of one’s lack of ‘such understanding’ that would lead he/she to rebel the term ‘Catholicism’. Better still from another prospective all souls whom learn of Christ Jesus regardless of their standing potion whether it is of ‘genuine Christian’ or ‘protesting Christian’ or ‘there about in between’ we are all entitled to be labelled CATHOLICS, right?

Anyhow I need to note my thankful heart out to brethren Niuveve and leituala for their wishful sharing regarding my concern sharing -commented online and to my Agnostic friend and brother Patrick Gannon SO issue 13 July 2017 and 14 July 2017. Sorry Patrick I have no idea whether the unicorns had existed except reading of it in some Fairy Tale -bed time stories for Kid’s, just like Flying Dragons.

But isn’t the Dragons whom the Evil poses and spoke with Eve as recorded in the Holy Bible to which God turns it into a crawling snake with a promise that a Virgin (or ‘the woman’ Gen; 3:15) whom will strike its head while it can only strike back at her heel. 

And please don’t you be worried too much for we are smoking the only NEW thing left of this world, i.e. Christ Jesus [the son of man born of the woman]. Pretty sure Niuveve if he/she is a human being is doing the same, ahy Niuveve?

It is fairly unfortunate to learn of brethren Niuveve’s viewing of me; quote ‘,, heading down the toilet with your belief value,,’ end of quote, excuse the language. Which urges me to wonder what’s so bad about ‘going to the toilet’?

Certainly, it is a ‘nature course’ to all living creatures including Christ Jesus –whom let go of His equal God status with Yahweh-God the Father and lower himself to the level of created Human beings, so He can win us back from the evil’s spell.

Obviously once our human bodies call of nature arrive for excretion of waste, we just have to obey it, no matter how awkward you position may be, right. Well unless poor Niuveve’s status is not of human but of their four legged creature?

Heed with tiredness the interest of brethren leituala’s sharing for I can see he/she is in that category of human beings with too much information. 

Mind you sometimes too much information can leads one (no doubt our friend Patrick [who claimed to be a recovered catholic] is a classic example) to some extend of confusion’ as confirmed by one of my ‘recovered’ close Priest friend. Which reminds me of my early Mentors -an old Priest friend, a saying about, “Reinvent the wheel or new ideas” for there are no more NEW ideas left to be invented in this life as Christ Jesus had fulfil them all. Hence Apostle Pauls other famous advise, there is No more new thing in this life except ‘Christ Jesus’ with a human being to die of one self and let Christ Jesus lived in him/her self.

Solemnity of Pentecost annually marks the Birth date of His established Church. And I was privileged to be part of a seven member Delegation recommended by His Grace Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga to attend the celebration of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement Golden Jubilee celebrated during the Pentecost week this year in Rome Italy.  A vibrant spiritual movement group within the Church believed to be one of the Vatican II council great achievements since February 1967 -with an event happening to a prayer group by some professor and students of a Catholic university [Duquesne University] in Pittsburgh. 

And it was interesting to learn of my Son and my brother in Law’s -whom I had on our local Charismatic group trip to make up our seven (7) member delegation, amazement when we visited some of the Roman Emperor homes assigned for the Church with some built Churches commemorating almost all of the famous icon as visual evidence of Christ Jesus life on earth -brought into Rome out of Israel, by Emperor Constantine the Great (known as founder of the Christianity dynasty) administration in the early 3rd Century. So definitely Christ Jesus was NOT just an Idea!.

We visited the; 1. Holy Cross Basilica, 2. location where Apostle Paul had been martyred marked by a Church of 3 fountains, 4. Mary Major Basilica, 5. Saint Paul outside the Walls Basilica, 6. Sanctuary of our Lady of Divine Love, 7. the famous Roman Icon ‘Coliseum’ and of course, 8. the Major Papal Basilica commemorating its 1st Papa -Saint Peter whom Christ Jesus blessed with the leadership of His established Church as recorded by the Holy Bible.

A word of thanks out to the Fr. Manuele Solofa, Sr. Marieta Sola Nepa, Sr. Pesio Milo, Sr. Tasileta Aulelio, Sr. Akenese Faleono Lutena, Madame Alauni Caffarelli and her lovely children Margery and Tofilau Tony, some of the Samoan souls whom are living in Rome that had blessed our trip with their usual Samoan heart kindness.


Until next time we meet again!

Muaimalae Taloaileone M.F.M.M.L.P. 

Atalii fanau le ‘au, a le uliugalii Tafitoala o le fale-Tuamasaga

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