Samoa needs more people like you

Dear Editor

Re: Mario Esera

Mario you are a wonderful young man, I wish I knew you as a friend. 

You are a breath of fresh air and all that Samoan culture is about.

There are so many people in Samoa who of course know the culture and use it in reverse, getting people to trust them and then laughing at them thinking that the person they ripped off was stupid and gullible. 

Some people in Samoa broke down my “virtual” fences too many times and disappointed me greatly, some nearly cost me a great deal of money, others just used me up. The good’ns like yourself sometimes seem to be way out numbered.

You’re young, resilient and persistent, - “nil desperado carborundum Mario.” Wouldn’t Samoa be a wonderful place if all could be like you? 

Forget spreading the word of God, enough people are doing that. Get some followers and spread the word of honesty and integrity, the values that Samoans all know, but few live up to. 

If Samoa was the place that it is “supposed to be,” I would still be there. We all see the tourists loving the place, but we know that they only see the glossy veneer.

Mario, you give hope son, I wish I was there to help you with your veg from time to time. Please keep up the good work and don’t give up like I did, worn down by the crooked ones!

Bless you Mario,


Larry Murphy

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