It’s not what it seems

Dear Editor

Re: 19th Congress of China’s Communist Party opens new chapter for China-Samoa friendship

Nice words of encouragement Mr. Ambassador but some of us Samoans that understand Geo politics and macro economics are well aware of your struggles in your own country as your latest figures suggest that your economy is highly leveraged to the extent that your debt to equity ratio has reached an unsustainable 260% of G.D.P according to your Central Bank Chief Zhou. 

Which according to him, has reached a dangerous zone and it needs deleveraging to bring down excessive spending to a more sustainable figure. 

So how can you manage to help us when your own country is in trouble? 

You see, your fiat currency that was created from the I.M.F and World Bank has no value is now poring in our country to buy our valuable fixed assets called land and reaping huge benefit at the demise of our people. 

You might know something that we don’t know but as far as solidifying a dual relationship or cohabitation of a more symbiotic relationship with a small island nation that is commercially rich in farmland is somehow incomprehensible. 

I’ve recently visited an inland village called Nu’u where your farmland is now established for scientific research and development with the intention of commercializing it in the future. 

I for once never buy into the notion that any country giving us free money is genuinely for the goodness of our people but for a political and economic gain.

Taking land by force was the thing of the past called Colonialism, now they are using commercial exploitation to infiltrate the poor countries by means of diplomatic relations under the mandate of the UN. 

Malo aufa’atasi is synonymous with a group of gangs looking for the interest of their Corporate investors at the demise of the indigenous peoples self interest.

When you start to peal off the onion so to speak and see the real world that we’re living in, nothing in this world works the way we think it does, “The Emperor is naked.”


Leituala Roger B.

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