Candidates stand for H.R.P.P.

Two candidates running for the Fa’asaleleaga No.2 by-election next month have put their hands up to run under the Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P.) banner.

They are businessman, Namulauulu Papali’i Leota Sami Leota and former opposition M.P. for Tautua Samoa, Papali’i Li’o Taeu Masipau.  

More than 50 members of the constituency presented the two candidates yesterday to H.R.P.P. leader and Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi and were witnessed by several Cabinet ministers. 

The Fa’asaleleaga No.2 seat is vacant following the passing of former M.P. and businessman, Pau Sefo Pau. 

In an interview with the media, Papali’i said his decision to switch and run for the ruling party was because of how life is. 

“For things like this, we look at the way things are moving and we look at our constituency and our country,” said the candidate. 

“As we see at the moment the H.R.P.P. are doing quite a lot and as a candidate we look at our constituency and what they want…that is how politics work we don’t look at one side.” 

While Papali’i agrees that an opposition party is crucial for the country’s development, he said the last General Election was evident of who the voters want to be in Government. 

Asked if he was tired of opposing the Government, the former M.P. said the choice of a political party to side with should not hinder the development of a country.   

“This is the will of the constituency,” he said. 

“I cannot go away from what the constituency wants because they are the voters. No matter what I would want for an opposition, I have to go with what the voters decide. From what I gather from our constituency, their support is all for the Government…there is no point (of running as opposition) if the people do not support it.”

On the other hand, Federal Pacific Insurance General Manager, Namulauulu maintains he wants to serve his constituency. 

“It is not something new (running for election),” he said. 

“I had put up my hand (in last general election) that I wanted to serve my constituents and I wish to pursue that and to continue my service for my constituents.”

Namulauulu acknowledged the work of former M.P. Pau and wants to continue that service for his constituents. 

Before the official signing of the candidates, Tuilaepa told the constituents and candidates that all appointments are from God and the winner has already been elected by God. 

He reminded there are laws that candidates need to follow and made reference to the bible that any government that is divided against itself will not stand. 

“Everything done by H.R.P.P. is for the benefit of the people not us,” he said. 

“There was the road switch and there was protest even Ministers objected to it. But you see now it is benefiting the country and the Government does not just make decisions. The Government is founded on the belief that what is good for Apia is good for the rest of the country.” 

Tuilaepa pointed out in the past there was no electricity in some part of the country, and even the roads were not sealed in most part of the islands, as opposed to today. 

He used the opportunity to echo the Government’s concern over potholes, which is an issue that needs to be addressed. 

“We have contracts for roads but the roads are still not in a good condition,” said Tuilaepa. 

“Which means this needs to be changed too. This is the case when it rains - the roads have potholes and they (road contractors) just fill it up with stones but they are paid money to fix it and the government needs to look into this and change it.” 

Tuilaepa also spoke about a constituency who brought a candidate to run in the past. 

He did not say which constituency it was but made reference to ten committee members that brought the candidates. 

“The ten members brought a candidate and said this is who they support,” he said. 

“Two weeks later they brought another candidate and these were the same people that presented the other candidate. It turned out these same members presented five different candidates…but I am telling you this because I believe you are honest.”      

Lastly, Tuilaepa reminded constituents of Fa’asaleleaga No.2 present at Petesa that there are laws that prohibit traditional presentation (o’o) for a certain period.

He explained the ban was for one year after the election but it was later extended to two years.  

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