Are you crabby?

Think a minute…Crabs are competitive creatures. If you put a group of them in a bucket, the moment one of them starts crawling out, the other crabs pull him back down.

Consequently, none of the crabs succeed in getting out, since they stop each other from climbing higher.

Sadly, we humans are much like crabs. We see a good thing the minute someone else sees it first. “We try to get even with our enemies and ahead of our friends.” But we need to understand, “When we’re green with envy, we’re ripe for problems.” 

If we are truly honest with ourselves, most of us want other people to be a little less successful than we are. Friends are always happy about your success as long as you are not more successful than they are.

But the first secret to real success is not to compare your life with the lives of others. It’s strange that many of us seem to know how to live everybody else’s lives except our own, even though what happens in someone else’s life has nothing to do with ours. “Criticizing someone else’s garden will not keep the weeds out of your own.” 

Successful people look at life through a telescope and see how great it can be; but people with small hearts and minds look at life through a microscope to see every little fault and mistake of others.

Being envious and jealous of others is simply a slow method of suicide that gradually destroys your character, health, and happiness. 

Never forget that you have a special ability and personality that no one else has, so don’t compare yourself with others. Fish do not climb trees and pigs do not fly.

In other words, enjoy your natural abilities and develop your own style. Make the most of your assets and you will make the most of your life.

But only the One Who designed and made you has the key to unlock all of your potential inside. So today, won’t you ask Him to take full control of your life? It is with Jesus’ love, wisdom, and power you can start enjoying the success He has planned for you.  Just think a minute…

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