Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Dear Editor,

Re: Government quashes N.P.O

This is such a waste and a backward step for Samoa. 

All this for the sake of one person, the Commissioner of police.

Two wrongs don’t make one right. 

It was wrong to sack the previous Director of N.P.O over a minor traffic offence. 

If that is now a sackable offence, there should be a lot more big lauiás without jobs. 

The second wrong was the kid glove treatment of the Police Commissioner.

In every country in the world with the exception of Samoa, the government steps in and abolishes and re-create institutions based on some emotive reasoning, not a legally based one. 

Fights and friction between heads of departments happen everywhere in the world Mr. P.M., and the answer is not abolition. 

This move sounds like one our neighbours in Fiji would have done. 

We have made fools of ourselves by having a go at Fiji for making many undemocratic decisions. This one smells like the result of absolute power, which is corrupting absolutely.


Vai Autu 

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