Bread and butter

Think a minute…There was a baker who bought his butter from a local farmer.

One day the baker decided to weigh the butter.

He was surprised that the farmer had been giving him less butter but still charging him the same price. The baker got very angry! He told the farmer he was a dishonest crook and took him to court.

In court the judge asked the farmer: “Do you have measuring weights and scales?  The farmer answered no. So the judge asked: “Then how do you weigh the pound of butter you sell to the baker?” The farmer said: “When the baker started buying butter from me I wanted to help him too, so I started buying his bread for my family.

Since then I’ve been using the baker’s 1-pound loaf of bread as the weight to measure my butter. So if the weight of the butter is wrong, that means the baker has been dishonest and selling less than a full pound loaf of bread to me!”

Many of us are quick to see the faults and wrongs of others, but we’re slow to see and admit our own. In fact, many times we draw attention to other people’s problems and faults precisely because we don’t want to face our own. 

We think we’re wise experts at knowing what’s wrong with everyone else, yet we’re completely blind to our own weaknesses and character flaws.

But even if that other person does have something wrong with them, our own wrong of judging them can be even worse than what we’re judging them for! 

This is why Jesus Christ warned us that we will end up being judged by the same judgment we made on someone else!  But if we will honestly admit to Jesus what’s wrong with our own character and way of living, Jesus will forgive us and give us His inner power.

He can start fixing and changing our heart, so we’ll be free to genuinely love others instead of looking for their faults.  Just Think a Minute…

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