The right brothers

Think a minute…Wilbur and Orville Wright were not just brothers, they were also best friends and business partners. Together, they invented the world’s first successful airplane in a controlled, sustained flight. They tried to convince the U.S. government that their plane could fly and help prevent war, but their own government did not believe them. 

So the Wright Brothers presented their invention and plan to the British Government, but its top Admiral did not believe that airplanes could be of any use in war either.  

Still determined, these two brothers tried again to convince their own American government. This time the War Department told them that such an airplane would have to already be flying in practical operation before the government would be interested. This frustrated the brothers even more since their airplane had already been flying in practical operation! In fact, they were flying three times a day,and for increasingly longer flights, yet still noone believed them! 

Newspapers mocked them and scientists ignored them, saying the Wright Brothers’ airplane was just a lie and fairytale, even though they had already been flying for three years! 

So how did the Wright Brothers overcome all this opposition to finally succeed in convincing the experts and world that they had truly invented the first airplane in history? Clearly, one reason was that there were two of them. Other individual inventors had come close, but with all their defeats and discouragements each one had stopped short of success. 

But these two brothers worked together all the way. The Wright Brothers’ loyalty and respect for each other was the right combination and example of what brothers can be. They even saved each other’s lives at different times. As Jesus said, there is no greater love among us than this.

 It is when we have the encouragement, love and loyalty of our family that we can rise higher in life to reach our full potential. Alone, without their trust and respect, we usually can’t do it—but together we can! With Jesus’ real love and strength, won’t you support and help each of your family members reach their potential? Just think a minute… 

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