P.M. sidesteps O.L.P. questions

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has taken a different turn in the continuing controversy where he identified two members of the public as writers behind the Ole Palemia (O.L.P.) blog.

Last week, Talamua Media reported that Tuilaepa had identified Namualuulu Albert Ainu’u as one of the writers behind the blog. The story was immediately removed with Talamua issuing an apology.

During his weekly media programme, Tuilaepa said dodged the issue.

“The thing is it just came out of my mouth,” he said.

 “I told you before that I did not want to say their names. I was worried that if I identity them, someone might just come with a slingshot and shoot them as you know our people they are very feisty.

“That’s why I was beating around the bush. I just said the person is Ainu’u. Mind you there are thousands of Ainu’us out there, there’s Peki Ainu’u, Taimane Ainu’u, Fele Ainu’u, Ata Ainu’u, their surname is Ainu’u. I also have an Ainu’u in my Cabinet.” 

When Tuilaepa was told that Namulauulu Albert is considering taking legal action against him, he replied to the media: “You are the ones that are always asking me questions. All I do is just reply to your questions.

“I have never seen these people because I don’t go on Facebook.

“I don’t know these people. 

“You see, my responsibility is to explain to you the work that we do. I am the leader of the Government and when people that are affected by O.L.P. and his doing as well as his accusations are seeking help from the Government because of what these people are doing to them.

“What do you want me to do, just sit here and do nothing when these people that are affected come to me for help?

“So I refer the matter to the Police so that they can do something about it.

“That is their responsibility is to investigate, while the Attorney General advises them on what needs to be done.

 “And when people come to me and give me files, then we do our investigation and that’s how we were able to catch these people.

“And that is why I said before that I have always known who are behind the O.L.P. because of the requests that I receive from those who were affected.”

Tuilaepa again reiterated that he doesn’t know exactly who Ainuu is.

“Can you see the sensitivity in the issue,” he asked.

“Most of all we don’t know who Ainuu is and yet he (Namulauulu) was the one who came out and said ‘I am Ainuu’, and that’s how people found out that he was behind the O.L.P.

“That means he told on himself.

“You see the everlasting love of God upon Samoa, no matter how much the person tries to hide, God’s light will bring them out from the darkness and put them in front of the television where they say here I am.”

Tuilaepa added that he knows all other O.L.P. bloggers. 

Some of them, he said, always meet at Alafua.

“I know this because I notice their vehicles parked at the route I always take to go home.

“I can see right through them because my eyesight is very strong and I can see through 300 yards. I know God has blessed me with very strong eye sight and most of all, my mind.”

Last week, Namulauulu rejected being called O.L.P.

“The recent announcement from Talamua Media published Tuesday 12 June 2018, titled “O Le Palemia Ghost Writers Identities Revealed” by Lagi Keresoma has exposed some desperate smear campaign with unfounded evidence from the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Malielegaoi,” Namulauulu said.

“The allegations are untrue and unfounded, in addition, the public announcement by the Prime Minister is in serious breach of his own Criminal Libel Act passed this year, for defaming others without substantial evidence.

“These allegations could find himself in Tafaigata prison for defamation.”

Namulauulu said Tuilaepa’s decision to accuse himself and another member of the public is typical of his tactics to deflect the attention from the issues they have been raising – including the threat of customary lands alienation.

“In light of the declaration from The Prime Minister’s ‘supposed’ identity of O.L.P., S.S.I.G. Global leaders believes it has served only to bring an attempted deflection campaign from the real issues quickly gaining momentum with Samoan’s worldwide. 

“These issues relate to The Land Titles Registration Act 2008, L.T.R.A. 2008 and the Alienation of Customary Lands. These issues have been made public by the S.S.I.G. Organisation both within Samoa and aboard. 

“Some S.S.I.G. leaders and its members have been accused by Samoan Prime Minister as the identities behind O.L.P. 

“The fact that there is no evidence along with the abrupt removal of the related article as published by Talamua Media on social media, the same day it was published, highlights a Samoan Government desperate to curb the increasing number of Samoans disgruntled at the underlying issues and risk the L.T.R.A.2008 represents.”

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