Popular eatery gets hit by robbers

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 30 August 2018, 12:00AM

Popular burger joint in Saleufi Kilo Shack was broken into by a group of men who helped themselves to ice cream and soda and vandalised the cafe before leaving with stolen equipment.

The owner Anna Brown told Samoa Observer they were shocked to find that their shop was broken into and vandalized when they arrived yesterday morning. 

She said thieves forced their way in through the back door and helped themselves to ice cream and soda and made a mess before leaving with stolen equipment. 

“They ripped the back door off and took my speaker, it was a brand new speaker that I just bought and they also took the box for the camera. Everything was just a mess in there, they opened up the big freezers and messed up the ice creams. They ate the ice creams and drank cans of soda – it looks like they had a party in here,” she said.

After filing a report with the police, she checked with other nearby businesses and found out that another shop Qin Long also had an attempted break-in. Video footage obtained from security cameras installed by Qin Long showed that the thieves made a futile attempt to break into the shop as well as the Local Style retail shop using crowbars at around 1.00 a.m. yesterday morning. The video footage has been supplied to the police to assist in their investigations.

Anna described the men as in their late 20's with the youngest around 17 years of age. The police used the footage from Qin Long to get a suspect, she added. 

Despite the break-in, Kilo Shack opened for business at lunch yesterday, but not without Anna lamenting the losses she made from the criminal act.

“We had to open at 12 p.m. yesterday today (Wednesday) so we lost business in the morning but we had to do a big clean up and throw away a lot of product. It makes me mad because we are here for the local people and the workers – its where everyone comes for lunch."

“We keep the prices low and affordable for everyone. You can’t find a place that sell burgers and lamb curry this good for the prices we have – you can’t beat the price. And that’s the thing we’re supposed to be here for the locals and then these kids just come and mess up everything,” she added.

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 30 August 2018, 12:00AM

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