Time for a soul-searching examination

Dear Editor, 

Thank you for your coverage of the Methodist Church’s annual conference. But I want to share my opinion about the church.

The Methodist Church has been established in Samoa since 1828. By unethical manipulation it was “squeezed” out from 1839 but revived in 1857. Lotu Toga has been an integral part of Samoan Christianity for almost two hundred years. Alas! A church with a long history that existed and thrived against heavily-weighted odds is sadly decaying and dying. Rapidly!

Since 1964, the Samoan Church became an independent entity. 

Euphoria enveloped the Church in its inaugural decade. Then members grew disenchanted spiritually and left in droves. That tide is continuing but the Church has been seized by a siege-mentality. The leaders, faifeau and worst still the “Puletua” refuse to acknowledge the spiritual malaise and declining membership. 

I challenge the 2016 Conference to do a soul-searching examination of the defects and activate remedies. 

Go back to the Biblical basics: 

1. Worship and Serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior…SINCERELY!

2. Revive the simple rules of John Wesley…be sanctified and minister to the people of SAVE SOULS. 

NOT Money! Money! NOT Status quo and Mamalu! NOT Hypocritical outbursts and stances! NOT exploitation! NOT thieving! NOT forked-tongueness!

Please revive Love, Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, Caring, Honesty, Prayerfulness, Freewill offering and Spiritual Awakening! SINCERELY not façade. 

A reminder: There is a Supreme Judge. Woe unto those who deliberately mislead the flock! The Church is Life not Doom. 

O le tali masani a le Ekalesia, ‘aua le popole i tagata femoumoua’i, e le pe ai se lotu. Sese i Sini!

O le valaau lea e lu’itau ai le Ekalesia e vaai po’o le a le mea lea o lo’o misi….Saili se vaifofo. O le mea lena na fai e Iesu Keriso ma ulua’i Aposetolo. 

O le Ekalesia e pupusa ai le Agaga Paia o le Ekalesia fa’au’uina lena. A Church that is buzzed with the Holy Spirit is sanctified. Matou te fia lolotu ma tapua’i i se Lotu fa’apaiaina.

Ia auali’itia le tofa a usugafono i le Agaga o le Atua. 

Ma le fa’aaloalo, 


Lolomana’ia Fagatoloa


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