Life really tough without water

You can have all the riches in the world but without water, it’s a sad life.

So says Taualeo’o Vaiana Tanuvasa of Faleasi’u and Lalomalava Savai’i.

Mr. Tanuvasa asked for help when he spoke to the Village Voice yesterday about how they struggle everyday to get water.

“You might wonder why do we have to go far to get water when there’s other families around our area right?  But that’s the thing; most of the families here are going through the same thing as us,” he said.

“Only a few have water and we don’t want to be a burden to them by using their water all the time.”

Asked about what happened to the water in their area, he said the Samoa Water Authority cut their water off due to water bills not being paid.

“I begged them not to cut off our access to water, or give us a chance but I failed. We needed to pay $300 tala at the time and honestly, it was just an amount that we couldn’t afford.

“I understand that they were just doing their job though.

“The government has to do what the government has got to do, right?

“There are other families to do who did the same but all didn’t go so well and that is the reason why we’re in this situation.

According to Mr. Tanuvasa, they had no access to water from the month of July last year and it was then he had to fetch water from different places for the sake of his family.

“It’s a really difficult situation to be stuck in and at the same time, a sad one because I have my family to be worried about, I have children.

“Who knew water was going to be one of the hardest things we have to own, right?”

“Even my sixteen year old son has started working at Farmer Joe to try and earn the money to make this happen for us.

“He made that choice on his own because he’s seen the hardships of a life without water.

“It’s a curse to not have water because everything and everyone need water but it’s not that easy to get it anymore and I can’t believe that’s even happening.”

The 45 year-old asked if the government could look into this matter and do something about it.

“I humbly ask for help in this situation because we all know what water means to us.

“We will accept anything that can help us in our situation. A water tank or anything else that would make this easier for us please.”

Mr.Tanuvasa and his family needs your help with water .

If you can help, contact him on 7239780.

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