Church should teach holy Science

Dear Editor,

Re: Jubilee Church costs $17.3m

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” 

Protestantism is the child of the mother church, Catholicism.

The pillar in the front of the building represents the male phallic, the symbol of creation. The windows architecture symbolizes the Vesica Picses, the womb or the vulva of the female. 

The two polarities, femininity and masculinity. The union of the two polarities will produce an offspring. The portal in which we enter the material world. From the womb to the tomb. 

The lamb of God is non other than Jesus (the Sun) at the constellation of Aires the Ram.

These are all astrological symbols that derived from the most well known symbol or motif on earth, the CROSS which is the key of knowledge and understanding. 

Once you unravel the mystery and the hidden meaning in these symbols, you will then be enlightened to know who God really is. You will never get that knowledge so long as you are subscribing to a historical Jesus. 

The churches should be teaching this holy science instead of teaching fear mongering about death and going to hell and teaching false doctrines about salvation when in fact salvation comes from the word salt. 

The “ twelve “ mineral salts that our bodies need for ultimate performance in health and we can live forever if we know how to transcend ourselves through proper eating and living and living the seven virtues of life.


Leituala Roger B.

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