The truth about the middle class

Dear Editor,

Re: The government, truth and sex workers 

I will explain my rational. The business class/private owners of industry create the working class not the middleclass. 

These owners of private industry may create their own position in the middleclass but they do not create a middleclass. 

What they create is a working class who are vulnerable. 

It is the government who create a middleclass with real buying power. Compare the jobs that DJT creates, ie low paying labour jobs as opposed to the jobs that I mentioned earlier. 

Dr, Lawyers, teachers etc... Yes they are paid from taxes but that is not the issue. Their jobs, which provide real incomes to be spent in the community in which they live keep the economy alive. It is the decimation of this group that has been the cause of the declines of the standard of living for the average people in the developed world. 

If you think you are the middleclass, when in fact you are the vulnerable working class you are a victim of false consciousness. 

This is a problem because when you suffer from false consciousness/manufactured consent you vote for people who do not have your interests at heart. 

Like the poor working class who voted for DJT. He does not serve them; he serves the elite and his family. This is painfully obvious.


Wendy Wonder 

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