And you choose to dance with the devil

Dear Editor,

It appears now that Beast got hold of you my fellow E.F.K.S.

I have listened to your lauga on Sunday and the two of the major three characteristics of the Heart and Soul (as per matua of the Tusi Faitauaso) that you have preached were “being humble” (loto maualalo) and “brave heart” (lototele). 

Well it looks like you have chosen brave heart to fight the beast head on. Like you, I am a brave heart E.F.K.S., doing my bit (Alofa/Taulaga) to support our Church but with a very humble Heart and Soul (faatauvaa ma loto maualalo). 

It is unfortunate situation with the Government and we have made known our beliefs and to me, that should be it. 

Never in the History of our Denomination with the likes of a humble and true E.F.K.S. patriot Oka Fauolo and previous Secretary, did we make a Political Confrontation against the Government publicly. 

So what now? Could we be called a Christian Charity and Political Organisation? 

Has the Komiti o le Autoeaina approved that you speak politically on behalf of the Church?

Now that you suggested that we can support the government financially! Where is the Komiti o Tupe? Is the Secretary allowed to publicly pledge the church’s financial support? 

The tax is only for the Faifeaus and you are suggesting that the whole church pays for it? 

And speaking of control spending, did we control our spending when we built the Iupeli? 

It’s just one building and we have spent double on what was planned. And did we dare to do a thorough investigation if there were any corrupt practices and to improve our system for future benefit?

Ua sola le alofa ma le lagolago i le tatou mau i lou fa’ataumamao i lafoga a le malo. You are a valuable asset to the church but it is sad to know that you don’t have the tofa taofiofi (mau le toovae). E le iloa se kofa ase koeaiga i le sinasina o lona lauao ae iloa le kofa kakala.

Just to remind that our Lord did earn his Kingdom i le lotomaualalo ma le loto faamagalo. Not a kofa faavalevalea e aea le olo.

Alofa Atu


Leolaga P.


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