Old Testament or New Testament

Dear Editor,

Re: Church, Bible authority and moral duty 

Great letter as always but some of your points need further clarification so here’s my 2 sene from a different perspective.

The religion or ministry or fellowship that was established by Jesus in biblical Israel is Christianity and Catholic church or Roman Catholic church is a denomination of Christian religion.

Let’s not insert a ‘misinterpretation’ into what’s already written about the work of Jesus Christ and what history has recorded about the Catholic or Roman Catholic Church.

The horrible history of the world in your letter was the work of the Catholic or Roman Catholic so there is the difference there between the work of Christ and an offshoot of his ministry which was established some 2 or 300 years later and was heavily influenced by other religions and Roman politics.

There is also a remarkable difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. We are Christians and we live in the era of New Testament which means we don’t do animal sacrifices, visit a High Priest at a Temple for atonement or require the service of a High Priest to be closer to God. Which also means that there’s no need to bay tithing because there’s no need for Temples and priests.

We are Christians, if we need inspiration to live Christian lives then we should look at the lives of Jesus and the Apostles not the priesthood of the Jewish Temple....it’s that simple!!!

While there are 10 commandments in the Old Testament as guiding principles for the Jews and Israelites, it is written that Jesus Christ put emphasis on “loving the Lord with all your heart and love thy neighbor”

So if faifeaus are refusing to pay their taxes, on what basis allow them to come up with such decision? Are we living in the Old Testament or the New Testament? 


Le Mafa P.

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