Start a new relationship with someone you already know

Think a minute…A recent study of fathers and their children was done in America with shocking results. The study showed that the average father spends only 37 seconds each day actually talking and listening to his child. Inside our family, we can live separate lives in our own world.

Even though we live together, we don’t really know each other and what each of us is feeling and going through. A teenager’s gravestone read:  “Couldn’t you see that I was dying?” 

Dad and Mom, sometimes we can read the weather signs better than we can read our own kids. Often we don’t know what they’re facing and feeling. We don’t know their fears, hurts, or frustrations. Are we really listening and understanding each other? Or do we just go through the motions every day, but actually close our ears and hearts to them? 

Is it because we’re not really interested? Or do we simply not want to know the truth because we’re not sure how to handle it. We don’t want to be confused with the facts! Sometimes we parents choose to put our time and energy into our job and career because it’s easier than really dealing with our kids or our spouse. But the more we escape from each other and our relationship challenges, the more distant and lonely we become.

Why not start a new relationship with your mate and children? Today, you can start changing. You can start tearing down the walls between you and your loved ones, and start building a new, closer relationship with them. First, we have to let go of old hurts and anger toward each other. We must choose to forgive them and begin again. We also must stop having such unfair, high expectations of our kids, wife or husband, so they feel that we’ll only love them if they do what we want.

You see, it all begins with starting a new relationship with the One Who gave us each other. In fact, Jesus died just so you and I could be forgiven of all our wrongs and enjoy a daily, personal relationship with Him. So why not ask Jesus to forgive you and take charge of your new life with Him?  He’s the One Who can give you His kind of love and power you need every day to start building and enjoying the close, happy family you want.  Just Think a Minute…

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