An accurate reflection of the system

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the British couple who shared their bad experience at the Marina.

You hit the nail on the head with the problems in Samoa. It’s not the great restaurants, or the service in restaurants any longer, or the Samoan cultural center, or service in stores , I had an A plus service at Gold Star last week, it’s not the culture, it’s not the average Samoan person, it’s definitely not the dogs, or the look of the country. 

The problem is corruption, which trickles down from the leaders and the H.R.P.P that won the election with false petitions and boxes of chickens, in spite of a few government lackeys that continue to yap on about some ridiculous notion that the H.R.P.P won fairly most average people know they are being governed by a dictator. 

Sadly until the people of Samoa can rid themselves of the corruption, I predict this corruption will only get worse from these quasi government bureaucracy offices and the people who work in them, as well as the judiciary, the lawyers, and the elites that run the country. 

The top branches in Samoan societal structure just reeks of corruption these days and you just gave a very good illustration of Samoa government and their officials in action. 

You should see what the P.M. and the H.R.P.P is illegally and heartlessly doing against its own people of Sogi, using corrupt bureaucracy and dictatorial strong arm tactics. 

They are expropriating the people’s customary lands without fair market compensation on behalf of foreign hotel investors. 

I suppose being evicted is less vicious though than having their village burnt to the ground like what was done to the market to make way for developmental progress. 

Thank you for sharing your experience, which is a perfect example of a society run by people who have zero accountability or zero transparency. This is exactly what your experience is all about. 

I do need to correct you about when the rape of Angie happened though. It was over a year ago and in all fairness to the P.M, the rapist only escaped three times but according to the P.M’s words in his own defense “he was captured 3 times”, as well. What a joke eh! 

The P.M was defending himself when asked where the 12 million went that Australia sent to fix the prison. Now the H.R.P.P ministers are relying on prayer and donations for the nine million shortfall of the 10 million needed that it will take to build a secure prison. This is how Samoa is being governed these days so your experience is not surprising.

Wendy Wonder 

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