Christianity and colonialism in Samoa

Re: Leala and same sex marriage 

I’m not sure if you and I agree on this topic or not so I will comment assuming you disagree with my position, which is fine. 

You refer to Samoan culture and it getting thrown into chaos. 

My belief is that traditional Samoan culture was not closed minded to two spirited people as they would be referred to in North American indigenous people’s culture.

It is only because of Christianity and colonialism that we see this rise in homophobia in Samoa. 

Therefore I would argue that real Samoan culture had not been muddied by Christianity that Samoa would have progressed quite naturally and accepted alternative lifestyles more easily than some other cultures. Including same sex marriages. 

I think traditional Samoan culture in many ways was more progressive than what it has become after Christianity and colonization, which is why I think that same sex marriage will become accepted in Samoa in spite of Christianity. 

When all the same sex married couples return to Samoa because they can no longer afford land in the countries they were sent to looking for remittances to send home, that they will be accepted just like fafaafines are. 

I’ve always admired this about Samoan society and one of the things that I was so impressed with my very heterosexual husband when I met him was that he didn’t have a homophobic bone in his body. 

It’s usually those really homophobic republican American lawmakers, Congress people, senators, governors and etc who are most rabidly vocal about how evil and immoral homosexuality is that get caught doing it with young boys. 

Anyway I like you views on different topics so just having a discussion with you.


Wendy Wonder

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