Mother dreams of a better home for her children

By Joyetter Luamanu 14 February 2018, 12:00AM

A young mother dreams of one day living in a brick house with her children.

Ruta Noinose, of Satapuala, says that while she is grateful for the gift of life, like any parent, she wants to give her children the best. 

“As you can see here in our area, there’s water everywhere and you know the unhygienic condition that comes with water and dirt, it’s never good,” the mother of two shared with the Village Voice team.  

“So this is my house and I know that if we don’t work hard, we will not get what we want.” 

“I’ve been married for three years and it doesn’t seem like my children and I will be getting a brick house soon.” 

“But nonetheless, I still pray for God’s unconditional love and charity to reach someone who can help us with a house.” 

“I know it sounds funny, but you know nothing is impossible with the man above and I have faith.”

According to Ruta, her husband works and earns $200 weekly, which is never enough. 

“We have to buy food; there are water bills and then church obligations.” 

“Sometimes I am puzzled as to how we can budget $200 weekly with a lot to pay and so the dream of a steady house has been moved to the back of my head.” 

“Look at this house, when it rains water comes directly into the house and we try to fix it with the limited resources that we have, but sometimes it’s just never enough.”

“We have two babies and that is why we need a steady house with windows and a door,” she said. 

Ruta also commented on the high cost of living. 

“It is ridiculous. The minimum wage is $2.30-$2.40 per hour, and what can you buy with that hourly rate. I think if the government rate is low, then the prices of goods should be reduced as well.” 

“We can have a low income and yet goods are expensive, it is not balanced and the Government needs to balance that out,” she said. 

“Then there’s water, if you don’t pay your bill, the water will be disconnected.” 

“The Government does not give chances, yet what they pay my husband is peanuts.” 

“This is what I mean, they pay him only very minimal, yet the prices of goods and our bills are expensive,” she claims. 

If you want to help Ruta, you can reach her on mobile phone number 7730213.

By Joyetter Luamanu 14 February 2018, 12:00AM

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