How Do I Talk to God?

Think a minute…Who do you enjoy being with most? We usually enjoy friends who make us feel accepted the way we are. When we’re at our worst we still know that they accept us, even if they don’t approve and agree with what we’re doing. We enjoy friends with whom we can be totally “real” and honest. Pretending to be someone you’re not gets tiring. When you talk with your close friends, do you use formal words you would use with a high government official, minister or pastor? Of course, not! With your close friends and buddies you can just be yourself and have honest, heart-to-heart talks.

You see, that is how God wants you and me to talk with Him. God wants so much to be your best friend. Everyday He wants to have a good, heart-to-heart talk with you. God doesn’t want to hear big, fancy words and formal prayers. He wants you and me to be ourselves with Him. He wants us to tell Him how we really feel inside, when we’re happy, sad, even angry. When Jesus Christ taught His closest friends how to pray, He used the everyday street language of His culture. Jesus did not teach us to say formal, memorized prayers using big, religious words. In fact, Jesus shocked all the religious leaders when He said we should call God “Dad.”

But the only way to be on speaking terms with God is you must ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and take full charge of your life everyday. Then as you live for Jesus everyday, He will start showing you what your father in heaven is truly like and how much He loves you. Jesus will show you how to live His successful, right way for the rest of your life. Jesus will always listen and understand how you’re feeling and what you’re facing in your life. So this moment, why not talk to Jesus and ask Him to take control of your heart and life? Then you can enjoy talking with Him everyday as your best friend and Lord who loves you more than anyone does. Just Think a Minute…

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