Advocating for Global justice

Re: Financial institutions that favour capitalists

I have said on many occasions that you and I agree on things such as corporate media, corporate hegemony that lessens democracy for people, the colonization of indigenous people by white mans churches, and etc... where we disagree is on DJT being the solution. 

I strongly disagree that he, his family and his friends all 1 percenters, and some Christian jihadists are the answer to the world’s woes. 

I also believe climate change is real and that it is caused by people burning fossil fuels. We may disagree on that too but we agree on many things over all. 

I totally agree that 911 was an excuse to suspend our freedoms as well. This is why I love Edward Snowden, Glen Greewald, and Julian Assange. 

All three are in exile because they have exposed the evil state. 

I don’t even disagree with DJT views on the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. They are all part of the evil empire that has overthrown democratically elected socialist governments all over the world that we’re trying to help their own people hang on to their resources for their own autonomy. 

I just don’t see that DJT would help the people keep their democratically elected socialist governments if it meant he and his oil buddies couldn’t get their oil or whatever other resources they wanted for their own profit.

 That’s where we disagree. I’m an advocate for global justice not making America richer or greater or whatever the hell DJT goes on about to further his own brand.



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