Open letter to the General Manager and management of E.P.C.

On the 1st October, your Corporation increased the cost of electricity to all consumers and different rates are applied to domestic, non-domestic users, commercial.

What we would also like to know what rates you are charging government and the politicians. I raised this matter because I spent a lot of unnecessary time to correct mistakes in your newly adopted system, which took them almost 3 hours to correct the problem. 

For your information I went in your Vaitele Station on 2 October and ask for 100 units of cash power for $70 your new increased rate. Your cash power attendant issued me a receipt and only 83.4 units were given to me. 

I asked why the shortage is but he replied my home is classified as non-domestic. I gave him a cash power receipt I bought on 30 September to prove my home is a domestic user but he referred me to another officer in the office.

This officer is a very polite young man and discussing with him the problem, he understand exactly the problems caused in the change over. 

He gave me two sets of figures each containing 20 numbers to be typed into the meter, but for the balance of my units of 16.6 I had to go to the main office at Savalalo for more adjustments to be made. 

I went home and typed the two sets on numbers given by the officer to me but was rejected by the meter. 

Today 3rd October I came to main office Savalalo and was again given the two sets of different numbers, which was also rejected by the meter. For goodness sake, I was really disappointed on this prolong delay. 

The good ladies who I was discussing this problem were very helpful they contacted my home and relaying by phone I don’t know how many figures and numbers and finally after about 2 hours the meter finally accept the units 83.4 I bought on 1st October but the balance of 16.6 units remain to be added. 

Mr. Fruean who was in a meeting came to the rescue and after some 15 minutes or so; the 16.6 units were finally installed in my domestic home meter. 

My advice to Mr. General Manager and EPC Management is to review your system of charging consumers. 

Electricity to me is a daily need of all consumers, just like petrol and dieseline which cost is control by Government but same price to every motorist whether you are rich or poor you pay the per litre price on the service station pumps. Why not set electricity price on a flat rate as in petrol so that everyone gets a fair deal? 

That will of course save a lot of cost in implementing different categories like domestic, non domestic, commercial, government and politicians and whatever in your list.

In business, the more you buy the bigger your discount is, electricity other way round, the more you consume, the more you pay, Commercial business and non domestic consumers are the major contributors to our economy and should be given a fair deal in the price of electricity.



Fair Deal

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