By Layton Lolo 16 May 2016, 12:00AM

Words of a great man

Ring true in my ears

Words of love, hope, and justice

Turned into verbal gold over the years


Verses on a stage

Music to the heart

Fantasies for the mind

Pure poetry is art


An art only a few can paint

But all can feel

Feel its wonder and power

Witnessing it is real


Poetry; art; music

Different names for wonder in reality

Wonder not easily found

One they say exist in fantasy


Ears fill with music

Tear filled eyes come from art

But poetry is emotion

Within is where it starts


Without poetry

Words wouldn’t hold as much meaning

Without meaning

Then there’s no feeling


The highlights of life

The brightest star in the sky

The joy of existence

All of which I wish to experience before I die


How about you?



Poetry has always been a big part of my life.  Poetry is one thing I practice every day.  But for some, poetry can be confusing or just plain weird because people try to be too artistic or original that they spoil everything about it.  Poetry is supposed to be understandable and enjoyed and if a poem isn’t like that, then in my opinion, that isn’t poetry.

Most of the poems I right usually have rhymes in them so whoever is reading is satisfied by how it sounds.  I also try to limit the stanzas or verses to four lines so it is simple and so people aren’t overwhelmed by too many lines in one verse.  But another reason why I do these is because I believe that a poems true meaning comes from its rhyme and simplicity.  Plus it challenges me to find words that rhyme and to fit all my words in smaller set up.

But how can I not write about poems and not mention the best and greatest poet ever in history, William Shakespeare!  His pieces on love and struggle are inspirational and mind-blowing to me.  I strive to one day be a modern day Shakespeare because I want to inspire people to, just like him.  I want to tell stories and have people fall in love with them, I want to put my heart out on the page in ink and be acknowledged and praised for it, and I want my words to be remembered throughout history just like him.

 One experience that was truly gratifying to me was being awarded for a poem I wrote for the ANZAC competition.  Having my work being seen and liked really made me smile.  Being awarded for something you love doing and that comes natural to you is one of the greatest feelings you could have.

I hope everyone learns to be poetic in their own way.  Be poetic in your actions every day and all of living.  As a great poetic line said, “…the purpose of man is to live, not exist.”  So live.

I guess I would call myself a poet, not because I write poems, but because I use my words to inspire.  So are you inspired?  If not, maybe you should read my poem again.

By Layton Lolo 16 May 2016, 12:00AM

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