Route of the problem

Re: Call from Minister annoys local businesswoman

I know what you think is the route to go and this is what I believe is dangerous. 

I also know that colonization in Samoa was started years ago I am amazed that the Samoan people are still the rightful owners of their land in a traditional way after all these events but I don’t think you understand what a miracle that is and o think you and the pm are careless and take this for granted. 

Right now the foreigners are also realizing this and they want to end this miracle. Fiji is a silly example. The Indian people brought British colonial capitalist thinking to Fiji. It benefitted them not the indigenous Fijian people which is what brought Bainimarama to the rescue of his people. 

He saw they were slaves in their own land. It’s one thing to accept foreigners and immigrants to your land, I like that too. 

It’s another thing to allow yourself to be colonized and lose your dignity, way of life and your land and riches to the foreigners so they control you. This is what you and the PM don’t get. 

Sure let the Chinese come and build but make sure they give the Samoan people jobs and that the government passes laws to protect small Samoan business that are at risk of failing because of unfair advantage. 

Equality of condition is more important sometimes than equality of opportunity.


Wendy Wonder

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