True friends say what’s true

Think a minute…The former U.S. president, Harry Truman, had a reputation for being an honest and loyal friend no matter what the cost. One of Truman’s friends, Tom Pendergast, helped Truman win his first election to public office as a county judge.

However, Truman did not always agree with his friend’s crooked way of doing business.

One time a group of dishonest businessmen wanted Pendergast to influence his friend Judge Truman, but Pendergast replied: “Truman always stays true to his honest character and principles. There is nothing I can do to tempt or make Truman cheat or do anything dishonest.” 

Eventually Pendergast was put in jail for the crime of tax evasion. Years later when Truman was vice-president of the U.S., Pendergast died. Yet Truman still flew across America for the funeral. He said: “Even though we disagreed, we were still friends.”  

True friendship is not based on what a friend does for you, but on what he means to you, even if you disagree with him and disapprove of his ways. True friends say what’s true—even if it hurts, because they care about what is right and best for your life.

“A true friend gets in your way, if you’re going down the wrong road.” A proverb says: “Faithful are the wounds from a friend.” Just like a doctor sometimes must cut you to heal and save your life. 

“True friends stab you in the front”—because they want to save you from worse problems and pain. Love does not lie, because “Truths that are kept silent become poison.”

We all have things in our character we need to change, so sooner or later confrontation is necessary. A close, strong relationship only grows out of deep trust built on honest communication with each other.

My friend needs to know I will always accept him, even if I do not approve of what he is doing. 

But friendship is a two-way street and the truth cuts both ways. So we need to be willing to listen when a friend cares enough to confront us about something wrong in our life.

One of the most important reasons God gave us friends is to help us grow and become more like Him in our character. Jesus is the best friend you will ever have.

Won’t you ask Him to forgive you for your wrong ways of living, and to take full charge of your character and way of life? That is when He can start rebuilding you into the man or woman He made you to be. Just think a minute…

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